WA Sikh Cremation Site - Enhancement Project

To read more about the significance of the WA Sikh Cremation Site - Adenia Reserve please click here.

The Australian Sikh Heritage Association Inc. welcomes any comments you may have in relation to the enhancement of this site. Please click here to contact us.

1. Interpretation Plan

To document the significance of the WA Sikh Cremation Site and provide a roadmap to the WA Sikh community in relation to their heritage related activities, an Interpretation Plan has been commissioned.

Please click the picture on the right to download a copy of the Interpretation Plan titled 'The Story of Western Australian Sikhs' by Savagely Creative and Creative Spaces. This Interpretation Plan was funded jointly by Lotterywest ($10,000) and the Sikh Association of WA Inc ($10,000). There are a number of key stakeholders involved in this project some of which are listed in the following diagram.

2. Creation of the Australian Sikh Heritage Trail - Stage A

Following the completion of the Interpretation Plan a number of key recommendations were provided (please download Interpretation Plan to view all recommendations).

Of these recommendations, the WA Sikh Cremation Site was identified as a significant site to the WA Sikh community. It was suggested that a heritage trail be created from the cremation site to the Canning river. 

In late 2015 the City of Canning along with the Department of Parks and Wildlife committed funding and project management for some capital works in the 2016 financial year. This culminated in the laying of the initial portion of the trail as shown in the image on the left (please click picture to see larger version). The trail was launched on 6 March 2016 with the Mayor of Canning and representatives from the office of the Hon. Dr Mike Nahan present.

3. Australian Sikh Heritage Trail - Stage B

Stage B of the Australian Sikh Heritage Trail is currently underway with ASHA and City of Canning securing funding of $149,635 from Lotterywest. Further information on the funding can be found by clicking here. The funding will primarily be used to fund the interpretative signage to go along the trail, an interpretative shelter/node, a potential lookout on the Canning River and marking of the original Sikh cremation site. 

This signage will provide an educational and interactive experience with visitors obtaining an overview of the Australian Sikh Story as they travel from the WA Sikh Cremation Site towards the river.

Additional items such as benches, public artwork, large interpretive shelters are all being considered as options. Some preliminary sign designs done at the initial interpretation plan stage are shown on the right.

4. Australian Sikh Heritage Trail - Stage C

Further enhancements to the Australian Sikh Heritage Trail site such as public artworks, statues or monuments.

5. Australian Sikh Heritage Trail - Stage D

Creation of the Australia-wide Australian Sikh Heritage Trail app which will enable visitors to locate and search Australian Sikh Heritage sights nearest to them to explore Australia's wonderful cultural diversity using digital technology.