Private Linna Singh

Name: Linna SINGH 

Rank: Private

Regimental Number: 44th Btn

Age: 45 years on enlistment

Place of Enlistment: Perth, WA

Place of Birth: Delhi, Punjab, India

Occupation: Night watchman and traveler

Marital Status: Married but legally separated from Amelia Ruth Singh


Globe Coffee Palace,165 Pier Street, Perth, WA

Son: Mr Arenja Singh at an unknown orphanage

Religion: Roman Catholic (Newspapers state Hindoo).

Previous Service: 6 years 7 months British Indian Army

Service Outline:

  • Served 6 years and 7 months in the Indian Army with the 31st Bengal Infantry.

  • 4th January 1916 - Enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force in Perth and to camp Northam with 44th Infantry Battalion Depot.

  • 14th February 1916 - To ‘1st AB’  (incomplete).

  • Discharged (no date) as ‘Not of substantially European decent’.

Other Information:

  • Described as 69 inches tall, 131 pounds in weight, chest 34 to 36 inches, dark complexion, brown eyes and black hair.

  • Soldier was possibly illiterate.

  • Soldier’s father dead prior to his enlistment.

  • Noted Customs Records referring to the subject as being a coloured person who was refused exemption from dictation test certificate. Also that photograph was forwarded to other states to frustrate any further attempt to gain a certificate.


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