Private Sham Singh

Name:  Sham SINGH

Rank: Private

Regimental Number: 16/1553, E Company 14th Reinf. / 4th Maori Reinf.

Age: 36 years on enlistment

Place of Enlistment: Trentham, NZ

Place of Birth: Village Bootar, District Fairsopore, Punjab, India

Occupation: Labourer

Marital Status: Single

Address: 16 Tory Place Wellington

Religion (as stated on enlistment forms): Sikh

Service Outline:

  • 28 March 1916 - Enlisted in 14th Reinforcements

  • 10 April 1916 - Tansferred to 4th Maori Contingent

  • Described as 5 foot 7.5 inches, brown eyes, black hari


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