Australian Sikh Hawkers

An important part of early Australian country life was the arrival of the Sikh hawkers. These Sikh hawkers were in many places a lifeline between the city and the rural settlements. They brought with them much needed supplies and household items. The Australian men found them strong and well suited for the harsh conditions, Australian women appreciated their respectful manners and Australian children loved the stories the Sikh hawkers told of their homes across the Indian Ocean.

We are currently compiling stories on Sikh hawkers within each state which we hope to bring to you over the coming months. Feel free to click on any of the links below for a compilation of what we currently have found. If something interests you and you think you might have some information to point us in the right direction please consider joining us or sharing your story.

Credit: Outback House, 'Outback House - arrival of the hawker', ABC Education