Did you know:

  1. Sikhs first arrived in Australia at least 180 years ago?

  2. A significant number of cameleers (also known as the "Afghans") that helped lay the foundations of our major roads and railways were Sikhs?

  3. Most Hawkers and Peddlers during Australia's formative years were the much loved and adored travelling Sikhs

  4. The Sikhs were very active with the wrestling circuit all over Australia in the early part of the 20th century?

  5. There are hundreds of Sikh cremation sites across rural Australia? As cremation was not allowed in most Australian states at that time, the continuing cremation by Sikhs brought about a change in the law in most states across Australia which benefited many other communities as well.

  6. Sikhs and Australians fought together on the same side in Gallipoli with at least 22 Australian Sikhs attempting to enlist with many serving in the Australian Imperial Force for World War 1?

  7. A Sikh pilot died on Australian soil in WWII? Flying Officer Manmohan Singh died in Broome, Western Australia on 3 March 1942 fighting for the Allied forces.

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