Sikh Anzacs

As Sikhs have been in Australia for nearly 200 years, it should come as no surprise to learn that the following Sikhs were
enlisted as ANZACs in WWI. Click on their names to learn more:

Note: The information contained in the above linked webpages are a work in progress and will continue to evolve as further research is conducted. They are in most cases not complete and do not provide a historically accurate picture of these men. 

A significant portion of the above research has been prepared by Lieutenant Colonel Neil C. Smith AM Retd. 

We acknowledge The National Library of Australia and Trove for access to the respective newspaper articles contained on the webpages dedicated to each of these Sikh Anzacs.

We acknowledge that omissions may have been made in compiling this information in its current form. We would be happy to amend/add information to the above pages to ensure accuracy. Please kindly use our "Contact Us" page to provide us on any information you believe may require updating.